Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Week with Eleanor Roosevelt

I can’t believe how quickly the week is going!  I’ve done nothing but school work since Sunday and I’m far from catching up.  I was hoping to get everything graded befoe we get off for the holidays, but it’s looking less and less like that will happen. 

One of the readings that my senior English class is covering is Eleanor Roosevelt’s article on citizenship.  What a great piece!  Written in 1930, it is just as relevant today as it was during Depression times.  The following are just a few lines from her work that really touched me.

On voting: “men [owe] something at all times, whether in peace or in war, for the privilege of citizenship and…the burden [rests] equally on rich and poor…the blame lay no more heavily on the politician …than on the shoulder of the average citizen.”

On teachers: “I have known some less learned teachers who had the gift of inspiring youth and sending them on to heights where perhaps they themselves were unable to follow.”

On family responsibility: “Our home surroundings are the determining factor in development, and the example of those dear to us and constantly with us is what makes the warp and woof of our lives.”

Are these not pertinent today with the questions of Common Core and the COMPASS rubric that grades teachers?  Is it possible to grade a teacher using ER’s definition?  Click on the title for the full article “Good Citizenship:The Purpose of Education”

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