Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Houston Pets and Blue Dogs

So the title of this post makes sense if you know that I'm talking about animal quilts at the Houston IQS.  I thought it would be fun to pull these out from the many photos I took.

This last one has me thinking of George Rodrigue's Blue Dog paintings.  See some similarities in the two?

I met Rodrigue and his wife, Wendy, at his studio in New Orleans several years ago.  Several of my sisters and I were enjoying a stroll downtown and happened upon a signing for one of his books.  We dropped in so that I could purchase the book and have it signed.  I say "we" but really they just sat on the curb, too embarrassed to join me.  How could I resist?  Books are in my blood and that was the chance of a lifetime.  I can't afford his work, but I can appreciate his art.  To that end I check in on occasion: read Wendy's blog, visit his website, and view his paintings.

12/20/2013 UPDATE: George Rodrigue died last weekend after a long bout with cancer.  Like many other Louisianan’s I regret his passing and will miss his contributions to the art world and society.  I don’t pretend to have known him--only to have been touched and influenced by his art and his life.

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