Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pin It Wednesday # 42

What's cuter than a little hummer (or two) doing what hummers do? What's more yummy than a pretty package of fabric?   Nothing on either count.  So here's the idea: let the hummers determine the color and pattern.  Let's hear it: awww!

Red...ish, burgundy, maybe.  Or wine.
Snow-cap is a small hummingbird


Juan Fernández FirecrownDouble Chocolat - 3 Sisters for Moda these!!!

Green as......
Black-tailed Trainbearer (Lesbia victoriae)

Green and white... such a fresh look ♥

Hummingbird, Costa Rica | Patrick J. Endres


Blue times two
Velvet-purple Coronet Hummingbirds

Little Apples Fabric by Aneela Hoey for Moda FabricsFabric Worm fabric

Purple passion


Juggling Summer Yardage Zen Chic for Moda FabricsGenerals' Wives BOM          

Gray (and not because of the rain)

s w e e t . r a i n

#Primitive Gatherings for Moda Fabrics; great blenders   Aviary quilting fabric Whistler Studios for Windham Fabrics

Brown (how now?)


Phenomenal Fall Charm Pack  Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics   Moda Fabrics Circa 1934 - love the colors

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Check out my "fabric, dreams" board for more of these yummy fabrics or "humming, bird" for the cutest hummers ever.....  Either one, you'll have fun.

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