Saturday, November 30, 2013

Oranges and lemons and limes, oh my!

 We’ve gotten some very cold weather in the last few days—freezing at night and bitter winds during the day.  Today, finally, it’s beginning to warm up.  The sun is bright and warm and the wind has died down to bearable. 

While I have not enjoyed this cold weather, the hunters love it.  Ducks and geese fly overhead looking for a place to roost.  Deer are moving around, and wild hogs are plentiful.  Rich has taken Lane on a couple of deer hunts and he bagged his first deer.  He is one proud 13-year-old!

The cold weather is good for the citrus fruit hanging on our baby trees.  Since the first frost last week, every orange, kumquat, lemon and so on has changed color.  I’ve picked a few to enjoy, but they are still more sour than sweet, so I decided to give them a little more time.  I surely hope they sweeten up in a few days because they are so very tempting!  

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