Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: the 50's

 As I’m listening to “Traditional Christmas” music on Serius radio, I thought I’d share a few 1950’s iconic photos.  If you’re close to 40, you’ll recognize these.  I was born in 1960 and recognize every song that’s played in the last three hours or so.  Some of the names have been vague, but the voices are familiar. 

Occasionally I’d “babysit” momma while daddy went to the VA Hospital, which often took many hours.  I discovered early on that she loved to listen to “her” music from the 50’s.  Of course that made perfect sense: she was born in 1932 and was a young single woman in her 20’s throughout the 50’s.  Surely she listened to the music of the time, danced at every opportunity, and went to the movies on dates.  She and Daddy met at a dance in 1957 and married the same year.  

Although I was familiar with some of the musicians and their music, it was while I babysat her that I really learned to appreciate it.  I don’t normally just listen to Johnny Mathis, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and the rest on a daily basis, but I do make an effort to listen during the Christmas season, and generally end up listening for hours and even days.  So with a nod to the icons of the 50’s, enjoy!

And because this is a quilting and sewing blog, here are a few vintage patterns from the era.  Do you think that the idea of dressing children like the adults in their lives is new?  If so, look again.

Happy Sewing,

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