Saturday, December 28, 2013

Curtains and Cottons

Not your usual cottons, but Cotton's family.   Our little Maltese, Cotton, is 10 years old and getting too smart for his britches.   We've been having a problem with the puppies barking at anything that suits their fancy: a leaf, a stray animal (we live in the country so it's a problem), a plant moving in the wind, a knock from a visitor, their reflection in the glass, an imagined sound.  You name it, three Maltese race barking and yapping at it through the French doors.  It's a ruckus and an annoyance that I've decided to do something about.

I figure that if I cover the glass in the French doors, they puppies will have nothing to yap at.  So I set myself to covering the glass.  I purchased curtains and magnetic rods since the doors are metal.  Of course, the curtains didn't fit!  And the rods weren't strong enough to hold them up!  Gerr!  I threw everything aside and dealt with the husband who had just had back surgery.  Let the dogs bark!

Today I pulled those @#$%#@ (okay, maybe not so many symbols) curtains and rods out of the box and dealt with them.  The puppies, you see, have become even more aggressive toward outdoor monsters.  They may think they are protecting dad during his convalesce, but they are aggravating him.  He, in turn, is annoying me.  I could not stand another yapping, yelling, screaming night.  

I just cut the tops down and re-hemmed them so that they were shorter and less weighty.  The rods can hold one curtain apiece but if a fly lands on one, someone has to race the puppies to the French door and save it.  So how is Cotton getting to big?  Oh, he knows that there are monsters on the other side of the curtains and has figured out how to get his head there.  I'll add another set of magnetic rods tomorrow, but for tonight I have to deal with him.  

To make matters worse, he passed the information along to Little and now she's figuring it out.  Maybe they will forget about the outside once they get used to the curtains.  Even better that they can not peek through with new rods holding the bottoms.

Here's hoping that you are having a quieter night.
Happy Sewing,

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