Friday, December 27, 2013

A New Little Pouch

Some time ago I made a cute little pouch to carry my phone and other small necessities in while at work.  I’ve lost a few phones and small amounts of cash. 

Keeping things safe in hand is necessary, and I’m the worst at setting things down and walking away.  No more, thank you. 

As you can see, my little pouch is much the worse for wear.  I’ve washed it a couple of times but the stains are here to stay.  It’s just time for a new one.  

Since I have a few days off, I figured I’d make another with a little different design—the length is now oriented up and down.  I liked a few things about the first one, so I kept those elements and added a few that I thought would be useful.

I like the three pockets and the metal clip on the back.  I also wanted to add a place for my school ID and wanted to be able to get my phone out without touching the bottom since a touch in just the right place can end the call.

 I really like the fabric and am hoping that the darker colors will hide the grime that I seem to attract.  Do you think it will at least appear clean for a while? 

The phone will fit in either the topmost or middle pocket, as will pens, so I have a few more options.  The smallest pocket is just right for lip balm and a small pill box.  (Gotta have some headache meds when 30+ teenagers are your clients!)  I’m guessing this will get me through till May. What do you think?

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