Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pin It Wednesday #46

Happy Pins!  These are new pins from my "modern, quilts" board.  I found most of them this afternoon while resting from my nursing duties.  My husband had neck surgery yesterday.  We just got home today, so there were visits from concerned loved ones.  I'm really late getting this post out... please forgive me.

Quilt by Kayoko Watanabe

white quilt

Great quilt!

Denyse Schmidt quilt. Very clever quilting lines
This one is a Denise Schmidt beauty!

Molly Bullick

misprint improvisational quilt by leslie.keating, via Flickr

Muted Colors and Stripes

Did anyone else notice that I'm pinning mostly scrap quilts?  Well, I'm not sure that's the correct term, but they remind me of my grandmother's big scrap quilts.  Her early quilts were made of big pieces of fabric sewn in all manner of ways with no rhyme or reason to the pattern.  They were also very heavy!  I remember sleeping under them as a child and teen.  After Rich and I got married, we used lighter blankets on our beds.  I had a difficult time adjusting to the blankets because I wanted the weight of the quilts I grew up under.

Kathie Briggs.

Not Your Grandma's Quilts: "Little Man" Quilt

Maman Boy Quilt | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Good night, all.  It's definitely time to get some sleep.  Last night's rest on the very hard sofa bed in the hospital was not good.  Of course, the nurses came in every couple of hours to do their jobs. Plus I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to help Rich and didn't get to go back to sleep.  I'm wiped out!

Happy whatever,

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