Monday, December 2, 2013

The Three Musketeers

See these three right here?  The ones in the animated photo?  Does this photo do them justice, you ask?  The answer is absolutely not!  They are much faster, in each other’s pockets, and conspiratorial in every sense.  These are the three little grandchildren.  

They are fun to have around, until about nap time.  Then it’s time to hit the high road, baby girls.  Whew!  Put this animation in a whiney setting and you can almost imagine.  Of course, the fact that everyone needs a nap doesn’t mean that Grammy gets to actually TAKE a nap.  No, Grammy is busy entertaining.

  Basically, entertaining means closing doors, putting things out of reach, and sorting toys—Children do not play with doggy toys.  Doggy toys are yucky.  Leave the doggy toys in the doggy toy basket, please. 

Why is it that kids want to play with the squeaky dog toys only?  You know, the one that make the dogs insane?  Preferably the doggy’s favorite?  That one that has been chewed to bits and squeaks funny because it has doggy spit in the squeaker.

The musketeers are mostly fun with a lot of work tossed in, but Sunday afternoon was as perfect as they are.  We were able to go outside: where there are piles of leaves, a water hose, a nasty rope, the dust-filled play house, bees and lady bugs, sticks and rocks, and other things to explore and get chased away from.  Moms, dads, Grammy and Poppa were all exhausted after an hour or so.  But then it was time to go home and take a nap.  Before they were two miles down the road, we were dreaming about their next visit.

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