Friday, December 20, 2013

Build Your EQ7 Stash

I discovered how to add fabric to my EQ7 stash!  Two things to know: some fabric companies give away their electronic fabric files and putting them into EQ7 takes about three easy!

In 20 or so minutes, I dropped about 350 different fabrics from the Moda line into my EQ7 library.  Luckily they are already grouped into their respective lines, so when you choose a collection of fabrics, you get all of the fabrics in that line.  Sometimes it's 20 or 30 different fabrics, sometimes it's 50 or 100 different fabrics.  I decided to go with solids and batiks to start.  

 Begin by going to the Moda website (click here) and choosing one of the fabric lines by clicking on a pair of blue scissors (for jpeg images).  The entire line of fabrics will download to your computer.  Click on the download and save it to your computer.  I made a folder, titled Moda fabrics, to put all of my fabric downloads in.  

Now open EQ7 and click on Libraries in the top row of choices.

On the drop-down menu, click Fabric Library.  

When your Library box opens, click on import, which is on the bottom near the center. 

And now click on From Image Files.... 

This is when you'll be glad you remembered where you saved the fabric swatches. I named my file Moda Fabrics to help me find it, remember?  

Open the file and click on the first swatch then hold down the shift key and click on the last swatch.  This highlights all the swatches.  Now click open and give the computer a moment to right itself after uploading all those swatches.  

The swatches are now in the EQ7 program but there’s a final step to keeping them there: click on the Add to Sketchbook button on the right side near the import button; then click Close.

 You’re all done!  Go you!  Okay, so now let’s make sure you follow directions successfully—check that the swatches are indeed where they need to be.  Look for the button with a picture of eye glasses on it.  Click to open the Sketchbook.

Now click on Fabrics, which is in the middle of that colorful column.  You may need to scroll over to see the new fabrics, but below the swatches there’s a line that tell how many swatches are in the Sketchbook.  Either way, enjoy your stash!  Let me know if it's as much fun as shopping your real stash.

Happy stashing,

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