Monday, December 9, 2013

Puppy Problems

A new development on the puppy front is that this momma hired the babysitter from hell.

Yes, really.  When Candy had her last litter, she allowed Little (a daughter from her second litter) to babysit at will.  Little loved it and took to her babysitting like it was a calling.  She did a great job of it, too.  She allowed the three little stinkers to suckle on her.  Of course, since she had never given birth she didn't have the ability to produce milk.  No matter, she was quite happy with the babies sucking on whatever body part they happened to find.  They were happy little campers: unable to see, they really believed they were sucking on a real teat.  Sometimes it was a tail.  Sometimes it was an ear.  Sometimes it was just hair.  

So enter a new litter....Candy's last since she was very sick from this birth.  She had three puppies again, but we lost the first one, so she's raising two very pretty little boys.  These boys don't care who is in the crib, just as long as whoever it is puts out some body heat.  They especially like to snuggle under a warm body.  

At first Candy didn't allow anyone to bother her and the boys.  She didn't feel well and didn't want any pestering puppies visiting or peeking in on the babies.  So Cotton and Little both gave her and the babies a wide berth for at least a week.  Then Candy began leaving the babies to tend to her own needs, and Little took advantage of those few minutes to peek in and give some kisses.  

A few days ago Candy decided the babies were doing well enough to hire a babysitter.  The sitter would bathe them, give them some exercise, clean up their messes and other menial chores.  Little hired on in a second.  (Cotton is that dad who never touches his children, never changes a diaper or cleans up after them.  You know the type.)  Little, though, was all over the babysitting job and started right away thinking she could sack away a little extra cash.

All was well and good until today.  Little got a bit too much into her job and stole a baby.  Yes, stole. Or kidnapped.  Perhaps in her mind she had adopted the youngster.  Regardless, Candy is beyond livid and does not trust the now-fired sitter.  Every attempt Little makes to look in on the babies is considered a threat to their lives. And every attempt is met with attacks, barking, biting, and fur-flying dog-fights that are a little scary to break up.  I am afraid of dogs, after all.  I am not afraid of MY puppies.  But these are not my puppies--these are mean, vicious killers.  

They've been separated, momma in a room with her boys, Little in the family room crying inconsolably at Candy's door.  And so they will remain until the boys are weaned and can fend for themselves.  Or at least choose who they will suckle from.

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