Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Party Continues

I know, I know.  It's getting to be quite a few pillows.  I'm thinking I'll have to make one in every color, now.  I'll have to get or make more pillow forms.  I have only two, so for now that's all I can show you.

I really like the textures on this one.  I quilted the white sections in different motifs, then quilted the red sections with a 1/4 inch straight line that follows the edge of the pieces.

The back of the pillow is a simple overlapping back that overlaps enough so no closure is necessary.  

I really am having a great deal of fun making them, so who knows when I'll stop.  Or what I'll do with them all.

Of course, sewing is not all I did today.  Tonight I made pralines from Daddy's recipe.  They're always good, but this batch is absolutely delicious!  I'll have to give them away or I'll end up eating too much and putting on even more weight.  I can't afford that!  I have poundage from Thanksgiving to lose.

These photos were taken right after we got the candy out of the pot so it looks rough.  When they are placed in clear plastic with a beautiful ribbon, they are stunning. We have to separate it somehow, so we drop it by spoonfuls onto waxed paper then peel it off the paper when it's cool.  It takes both me and Rich working really fast to get all of the candy dropped before it hardens and dries.  Once that happens, it's almost impossible to get it out except in crumbs.  We eat the crumbs but even ribbon can't make them pretty.  

Merry Christmas,

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