Thursday, December 12, 2013

Early Thursday Finish!

A customer contacted me some time ago about making a wedding quilt for her in bold hot pink fabrics.  We discussed a few ideas, then she found some Michael Miller and other fabrics on Etsy, so I ordered them and we were on our way.  

When Richard and I went to IQS in Houston, I added a few more hot pink modern fabrics and within a week we were ready to begin.  Of course, I had to complete the Mayeux Barn Quilt first, but I was happy to inform her only a few weeks later that her quilt was coming along nicely. 

 Tonight I packed her quilt into a large flat rate box from the USPS.  Not easy, mind you, Erica's Hot Pink Girl did not want to be squished down that tightly.  I insisted, however, and she complied.  Tomorrow, should all go as planned, it will find it's way to the post office and by next week be lying across Erica's bed somewhere in Kentucky.  

I'm really excited for her.  She has sent some of the loveliest, fun emails and I feel that we've become friends.  Sending updates were a highlight to a happy sewing session, because I knew she'd respond with a grateful, sweet note.  It reminded me of the feeling I get when a letter arrived in mail.  Remember that?  The excitement and anticipation?  The joy of finding out for certain that a friend or family member were doing well and thinking of you?  It's great to hear from those people in moments, but it's not quite the same as waiting and wondering.

Happy Quilting,

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✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Very beautiful! How nice to build friendships over quilts.