Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Surprise from 1978

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I opened FaceBook to see this

Richard's cousin ran across this photograph and, thinking it was a picture of our oldest son, posted it to ask.  It is not Will, it's Richard and me, of course.  Richard's mom took this picture just before his graduation from Bunkie High in May of 1978.  How it ended up at Anna's house, I can only guess, but I'll assume that it was given to her mom and eventually passed to Anna.  

Anna is several years younger than we are, so while she probably was at the graduation party that was held over the weekend, she wouldn't remember much of it.  I think she was probably only about 10 or 11 when her cousin graduated and married....not very important events in her life.  

I was happy to answer her question and to "steal" the photo from Facebook.  It's now saved electronically on my computer.  I've gotten a few photos this way since FB came to be.  In fact, all the photos on this post were posted by someone else, but I now have a copy saved to my computer.

If you discover a picture you want to keep, you can do the same. First click on the photo: an enlarged version will popup. Right click on the popup photo, and then click on "save image as."  Next choose the folder where you want to save the picture. I rename my pictures before clicking save because it's easier to find pics with names than with a long string of numbers.  This method will work for Pinterest and Twitter, too.  This is one way of keeping copies of photos that you may want to revisit later or ensure that they are not lost.  You can also save a picture on a jump drive and take it to a photo center if you want hard copies. 

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