Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Back to the new barn

I got a bit more done on the new barn quilt that I’m designing for a customer.  Of course, after I got some of the roof on and quilted down, I discovered that a large section was the wrong color.  I wanted two colors, but not with as much contrast as this.  So I spent the better part of Sunday evening picking out the stitches and removing the fabric. 

After all that ripping, I had to put in the new fabric.  I’d auditioned several fabrics at the beginning, but I still had a few reds stashed away.  I found one that is perfect!  Well, I’m thinking it’s perfect right now.  Maybe once I stitch it in I’ll have other thoughts.

A few lines to determine the tin marks for quilting and I’ll be ready to go.

How about these trees?  They need more threadwork, but I’m beginning to like them already.

Happy quilting,

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