Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just in time for Christmas shopping

an idea for making your shopping just a bit easier.  Richard and I  Have already begun Christmas shopping and, because I really don’t like shopping, I was determined to be efficient and accomplish some of the difficult holiday chores. 

We don’t purchase a great deal of gifts, but it does begin to get muddled after a few hours.  Even more muddling is when I get ready to wrap the gifts.  It’s easy to mix up the gifts that are similar, especially the grandchildren’s gifts.

Of course we make a list of names and gift ideas, but I also write the names on stickers.  Rich holds on to the list and I keep the stickers.  Once we find a gift, I stick the recipient’s name on it.  If we plan to buy another item for that recipient, I write the name on another sticker. 

The great thing to see is an empty sticker page, because that means we’re done!  Everyone has a Christmas gift from Grandmay and Poppa. 

When I’m ready to wrap, there’s no confusion or worry of who gets what…the stickers tell me exactly who each gift is for.  I leave the sticker on the gift because these little circles aren’t very large.  Although removing price tags isn’t much of a problem anymore, occasionally I’ll find one on the box.  If that’s the case, I cover it with the sticker eliminating one more little problem for when I wrap gifts.

If you give my sticker system a try, let me know how it works for you.  I’m pretty sure you’ll find it helps both while shopping and later when gift-wrapping.

Happy shopping,

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