Saturday, November 9, 2013

Barn Quilt Beginnings

What a busy day we’ve had: first a princess party for a four-year old grand-daughter, lunch here, visits to the in-laws for Rich’s mom’s birthday, finally a nap and some sewing.  Yay!

When I was able to get into the studio, I decided to check on the progress of the Mayeux Barn that I’m supposed to be making for a customer.  It’s coming along quite slowly, but I knew it would.  It takes lots of prepping since I have to make the pattern first.  

Thank goodness I still have my old overhead machine.  Every classroom now has a SMART board, so transparencies are obsolete, except in my studio.  But I like old school.  There are some advantages.  For example, I am able to get to know the barn better because I draw it out so many times—first on the transparency, then on the large sheet of paper, and finally on the individual pattern pieces.  I check measurements every step of the way, especially on this barn because I want the two sides of the barn to match.  

There are some nice advantages to having up-to-date electronics, too, though.  While in Houston, I pulled up a couple of photos of the barn to be able to choose fabrics.  It was nice to buy fabrics based on an actual picture instead of the picture in my head (which sometimes is not the same).  The Cherrywood fabrics that I chose are beautiful and rich.  I decided to choose a few extra so that I’d be able to make some design decisions. 

I’m pleased with the outcome so far, but gee, there’s lots and lots to do.  I hope that having a three day weekend will give me something more to show.
Happy quilting,

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