Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Done! Download the PDF!

AMB_Quiltmaker_4_23A huge thanks to Zoey the tech guru at Clothworks for helping me figure out how to get my license plate patterns uploaded, shared and embedded into Blogger.  I had given up.  Really.  I know.  It's not like me to meet a challenge and just give up.  Ah, but I had met my match.  

Then this sweet, patient, kind lady decided that it could be done and I could do it!  Well, she was spot on!  

And because she paused one more time and sent me the some sort of techie gibberish that made sense in my wacko brain (it may have been IT for Dummies, but who cares), I was able to master the art of IT.

Go Mary.  Go Mary.  (sing it, girls) Go Mary. Go Mary.  Go Mary.

Okay enough cheering.  Look on the right.  There's a picture of the Louisiana License Plate Block. When you click on the picture you'll go to another page and on the upper left will be a little back download arrow button, and VOILA! The patterns magically go to your computer. 
Wow, I'm exhausted.  Have fun making your very own Louisiana license plate!

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