Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Orleans Returned

Richard and I made a quick trip to New Orleans for the Teacher Leader Summit at the Convention Center.  That was interesting, but more so was that we agreed to take along some grandchildren.  While I was working, Richard was escorting a quaggle of kids through the zoo and aquarium. 

Butterflies in Flight
Audubon Institute photograph
I wanted to go to the new Insectarium, which was only two blocks from our hotel.  It's one of the few places I have not visited, so I threatened serious harm should they go without me.  

Instead, they made plans to go late Tuesday when I got out of meetings.  Well, the problem with being a teacher during the summer is that I tend to read "fluff" stuff only.  
Audubon Institute photograph

PhotoThat would translate into I didn't read the information giving the times at which the summit ended.  Let's just say no one went to the Insectarium.  

We have now returned from our trip, and let me tell you, the kids and grownups both are exhausted.  We walked from the hotel to Bourbon Street so the kids could get a look around the city, ate dinner at Hard Rock Cafe (their favorite) and enjoyed ice cream on the stroll back.  


Yesterday I went off to the conference while Rich and the kids went to Cafe du Monde for breakfast, took a streetcar ride to the zoo and enjoyed petting a roach while there.  Then back downtown for the Aquarium where they petted a stingray and a baby shark. We always appreciate it when the kids can get their hands dirty.

Google images
There's really a couple of stories in this trip to New Orleans, but I need to remind you that today is the last day to enter the giveaway!  I'll choose winners (yes, 2) tomorrow and post it as soon as I do.  Even if you've entered, you may do so again.  
See you tomorrow for the announcement and a surprise!

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