Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Recycle More Tees

You know what happens when you make something for a couple of grandchildren and other grandchildren come along and discover your doings?  

They ask questions and make requests and before you're ready, you're recycling even more tee shirts than you originally planned.  
That's how it goes.  Especially with the older ones.  They know which buttons to press.  They have experience manipulating Grandmay.  Older grandchildren have a history of spoilage.   

Well, that's what we grandmothers do--spoilage.  So, spoil I did.  I showed Dusti and Jolie the shorts I made for the little grands and in two short seconds I was hunting down some tees big enough to make big shorts.  The problem is that I didn't have a big pattern.  I had to draft patterns, but that is a little glitch to big grandchildren. 

Now I'm waiting on two big girls to come back and try on these shorts before I make more.  I know from experience that cute is not enough with these grands. They expect perfection....spoilage, remember?  

Those little ones?  Oh, they are easy! They like every thing that Grandmay makes.  Everything!  And they wear it.

Sometimes too much.  

I say this after I spent part of the afternoon repairing Queen Elsa's Ice Queen dress.  Imagine wearing this satin dress with the long sheer train for 24 straight hours.  Yes, all day and all night. Is it any wonder that the sheer fabric ripped along a seam?  

Eventually she took it off to go swimming.  While she was in the pool, I sneaked the dress away.

After making repairs for Queen Elsa, I added pockets to the LSU shorts.  Aren't they cute?  I love the white pocket with its gathered top.  The other one?  Oh, that was a pocket on a tee shirt.  I stole it, rounded the bottom point and stitched it onto the shorts.  Quick and easy.  

After repairing Queen Elsa's dress and adding pockets, I finished the last four of the little shorts.  Then Jolie saw these shorts.  She started jumping up and down, dancing to the tune of "make me some, make me some."  She's 11. That's almost too old to want to wear something "homemade."  But hey, if the shorts are cute enough and the kid is spoiled enough...

After repairing Queen Elsa's dress, adding pockets, and finishing the last four of the little shorts--that would be the shorts in red, pink, solid purple and another LSU--well, I was on a roll...

So I rolled right into the big girls' shorts.   

After repairing Queen Elsa's dress, adding pockets to the LSU shorts, finishing the last four of the little shorts, and designing and making shorts for two of the big girls . . . I think I should be tired. 

At least I'm sure that I did my grandmotherly duties of spoiling my grandchildren.  They should be absolutely rotten in a few days--at least as rotten as the tomatoes that I did not can this afternoon!

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