Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pin It Weekly

Welcome back for Pin It Weekly.  After I wrote a post earlier today to let everyone know where I've been, it occurred to me that it's also time for Pin It.  You know how much I like sharing my pins, right?  I just had to come back!

I think free image.  From  lj  The thought for the day ~

So first up is a board that is not mine.  I mean, I love pincushions and have quite a few pinned, but there's no way I'm going to beat this one!  "So, why not just share the board?" I asked myself.  "Good question," I answered.  "Do it!" came back the reply.  And here we are.  Since I don't know how the pinner may feel about my posting her name, I'll give you the link instead.  Since she has 2000 pins, here are few of the interesting ones.

Mouse Valentine - Susan Pilotto's site is filled with wonderful pincushion folk art with lots of fairytale charm

ideas, ideas...

Uh oh I may have a thing for pincushions now!

PÁGINAS BONITAS 2 | Aprender manualidades es

So cute, a chicken pincushion with button embellishment

And since I seem to be pinning fun stuff tonight--it happens when you're so exhausted the brain refuses to work correctly--how about a few funnies before saying goodnight?

Quilters anonymous! We can relate...Comic from Selvage Blog: Hello, Alice.
At the fabric store

Why we buy fabric...


That last pin brings me to this newspaper fabric.  I would love to find some for MY stash.  If you know any info about it, please leave a comment so I can search for it.  It will probably be much easier if I have some kind of information.

newspaper fabric.

Traditionally I end with a few pins of here are the requisite photos:

free motion quilting by Alyssa Lichner

SpringLeaf Studios

Low Volume Oakshot Plus Quilt | On the Windy Side

Bosna Quilt Werkstatt

Modern log cabin cross quilt. black and white striped binding || The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood

I might be into pluses.  

See you back here tomorrow to find out the winner of the giveaways from my block debut.  Thanks to American Made Brand fabrics by Clothworks!

Today's AMB Blog Tour visits Sew At Home on Pine Ridge (Arkansas) and Crafty Blossom (Michigan).  Go visit.  Go enter their giveaways.  Go now.

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