Friday, June 20, 2014

The Elsa Dress

Our granddaughters are three and four years old.  They are infatuated with the Disney movie, Frozen, and more than just a bit.  No, they are crazy infatuated. 

It does not help that all three girls recently went to Disney World and two of them saw Elsa and Anna.  In person.  Hugs included.  And let's not forget that one set of sisters was able to chat up the other set of sisters.  Oh, yes, we've got it bad.

Enter Grandmay's abilities as a seamstress, sewer, sewist, whatever.  Well, make that costumer because I've spent most of the last three days costuming one of those three girls.  I'd say it's the spoiled one but, let's face it, they are all spoiled to some degree.

I may as well have made the real thing for a grown up.  Momma spared no expense.  The deal was she purchase the fabric, notions and pattern; Grandmay would make the dress; Marley would reap the spoils.  Somehow this is how it works most often.  

But if Grandmay is able to get away with NOT spending the moola, she is thrilled.  I'm not sure that I benefit in any way, except I get to keep the extra fabric and pattern.  Well, it turns out maybe not.  We'll see.

Now, the problem with 3 and 4 year olds is that they know too much.  For example, they know that Elsa has "triangle" sleeves, not the straight ones in the pattern.
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And they know that Princesses and Queens have lots of "fancy stuff like necklaces," which to mommas means trim.  Lots of trim.  

And they know that the dress is long in the back and drags on the floor and twirls when Elsa dances.  This, of course, all means that Grandmay has to take the real pattern and make it more real so that the sleeves are triangles and the neckline is trimmed out, and the train is, well, a train that drags on the floor.

Let's just redesign the dress why don't we?  I mean, really, a cathedral train for a four-year-old?  Oh, it's cute.  It's just stunning.  It's just a three day project with all manner of insanity.

And there is not a doubt in Grandmay's mind that one little red-head will wear it to shreds.  Starting with an 8 o'clock princess party for her dance class.  Twirl, baby girl.  This is dress to twirl in!

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