Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: S U N

This certainly looks very beautiful, I would go and see it myself but I am very afraid of what would happen. Especially since everyone thinks such awful things about me.I don't know what the weather is like in your corner of the world, but in Louisiana the sun is shining and bright and there's fresh, clean light streaming through the trees and shrubs.  We got a rain yesterday and the three days prior, so every leaf and bug and frog is clean.  

They can't help but be clean, considering the deluge we've received.  What that really means is that the sunlight is even brighter than normal.  It bounses off of things and shines bright, happy rays.  Am I enjoying it?  Yes, from inside the house with the A/C on full blast because that bright sunlight is also hot.  Rather it's more like HOT!  
Sunset in Sun Flower Field, Maryland  I love this photo of sunflowers fading into the golden sunset. Repinned by

Of course, with this kind of sun shining down, it's easy to come up with an inspiritation motif.  

Country meadow... one of natures finest works of art! I can smell the air and feel the breeze and warm sun on me, hear the birds chirping, I think I will stay awhile and visit often!  #FlowerShop

Finding artwork with the sun motif is very easy to do: just do a simple search with the words "sun art."

The Sun  A Decorative Golden Star by HollySierraArt on Etsy

David Galchutt

Mo Kelly - "Golden Apples Of The Sun"

Art Illustration Print Autumn Sun 8x10 by HappyTreePress on Etsy

And finding a few quilts in this theme is easy, also.

"The Good Earth" by Melody Crust
Philippa Naylor - Awesome #patchwork on this sunburst #quilt

Tokyo Quilt Festival 2006  embellishments (tiny yo-yos, rickrack, etc.) found on many contemporary Japanese quilts

Sunburst quilt, c. 1885, black and cheddar.  John Sauls, dealer, posted by Karen B. Alexander

Sunburst quilt

I love quilt blocks painted on barns!

Sunburst Quilt - Polly Diantha Stone
Remember to visit A Sentimental Quilter (Illinois) and Jump Cut Arts (Connecticut) for Monday's license plate debut and giveaways.

Happy quilting y'all,

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