Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stars in Line

You know how it is when the stars line up and everything seems perfect for completing a project?  That is how I've felt the last few days.  Don't get me wrong: the Elsa dress threw a snag in there, but eventually I got that project finished and could work on the REAL project.  Let me explain.

The first star happened a few years ago.  I saw a neutral, low volume quilt in a book by Alex Anderson.  It's taken me a while to gather up enough fabrics.   But I cheated: I tossed in some not-so-neutral fabrics.  They are really a bit too rich but I like the variety and the idea of mixing it up a little.

The second star to got in line when my friend and coworker had another baby.  I wanted to make him a little quilt for fun. Something he can sit on to play with his big brothers or nap under at his grandma's.  

The third star straightened up the line when I realized that I'm spending the summer sewing for myself.  Yes, I am.  There are no "TO DO" lists or "must" chores!  Oh wow!  I've never had a summer like this.  I've read, I've sewn, I've napped.  Wow, I like this star!

A fourth star beamed down.  Yes, a fourth.  This one came from a reader who emailed with a question: how do I make an easy quilt and not get all mixed up?  Aww, how sweet.  We sometimes forget that there are people who haven't made a first quilt.   I decided to answer her with a promise for a beginner-easy tutorial.

That post will appear in a few days. So come back to get the tutorial or, for those of you who already quilt, send your newbie friends.  They may appreciate the tutorial as well.

I plan to include a little of everything: basic piecing, applique, quilting, and finishing.  (I'll add the baby's name to the quilt using fusible web.) To make things easy, I'm going to divide the tutorial into the four parts listed above and spread the tuts out over a couple of days.  Readers will be able to pick up where they need rather than scroll through all of it looking for one part.

What do you think?  If you would like something in addition to my basic plan, email or leave a comment.  I'd love to know what you would like in the way of beginner tutorials.

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