Monday, June 30, 2014

Free to a good home--

Anyone need a handy husband? I have one and I love him dearly but, darn it, he is too good at some things.  For example, he is a great gardener.  He can fix up just about any thing that can break. He's mechanically inclined, pays the bills, can do math, and knows how to clean, wash clothes, do dishes. In other words, I'm giving away a pretty good guy.  You probably won't find another as good.  Nope, not even his sons.

I bet you're thinking, "Me, me, I'll take him."  You'll change your mind.  I did.

Here's the problem: he's too good at some things.  Want a few tomatoes...he grows only a hundred pounds of tomatoes at one time.  No kidding.  And he can do that with about anything he puts his mind to.  Like corn?  Oh, here you are more corn than you can count or cut.  Want to do something fun?  Sure thing...let's go away for hours and hours and hours.

See the problem here?  He's cutting into my sewing time with everything he does well.  Everything.  And since he does everything well, well, everything becomes a problem.  I'm done.  

Done.  D-O-N-E.  Done.  With tomatoes and corn.  There's only okra, squash, and peas left.  By the time I'm done with those I'll be back in school.  

I am just tired of all this canning and putting up veggies.  Sure, I like them all. Lots. But I do not want to be spending my time doing that when I could be sewing or quilting.  I mean, last week alone I canned 50 pints of tomatoes.  50!  

Therefore, I'm giving away the cause of the problem--a pretty good husband.  He's both: pretty and good.  Now you know why I expect you to return him around August or when the veggies are finished. 

He'll come back.  You'll want him to.  So this should work out really well.  Let me know when and where I should send him.

Happy Quilting,

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jenclair said...

Ha, ha! I feel your pain! My husband tends to over-do in some areas, and I'm the work crew.

Funny post, Mary. And I would take the veggies in small doses, but Wow! the work involved. :)