Monday, June 16, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Polka Dots

I Heart Polka Dots --  how did you know that I love polka dots??Diddly spots 
polka knots
shiny watts
Mommy nots 
puppy dots
and summer hots.

Did you play rhyming games as a child?  I didn't but then I had my own children. 

pretty polka dotted backpack for $25They were subjected to all manner of play, poor darlings.  In the game above--we called it Diddly Dots--each player comes up with rhyming words along a theme, but with one that rhymes but doesn't fit the theme.  

Dot to Dot Polka Dot Towels - Garnet HillIt's a game that takes a long time because coming up with the words is not easy.  Can you figure out the theme? How about figuring out what each rhyme means?  Sometimes we just made them rhyme and played with the sounds.  Of course, my boys grew out of this game very early.  I extended those years a little by playing the games differently, such as coming up with the rhymes and letting the boys figure out the meaning. Eventually the word games just went away, then the grandchildren started coming!
Yay! for grandies!

Enough of memory lane.  Here are the polka dots I promised in the title.

Polka Dot Boxes

Modern Chevron Quilt Ziggy dot Zag Polka Dot Quilt by FabriArts, $150.00

Polka Dot Belted Dress

double balloons

Bright Dots Bedding

Chevron and polka dots Quilt grey and yellow

so cute for the summer
Blueberi Boulevard Baby-girls Newborn Dots and Daisies Sundress  ~ List Price: $ 30.00 ~  Price: $1 8.00 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25.  You Save:  $ 12.00 (40%) ~

polka dot grosgrain

Red pois bath set!

Polka Dot Quilt by sandboxquilts on Etsy, $100.00


Daryl Gortner..


Color Blocked Baby Quilt patterns, free pattern @ Polka Dot Chair


Polka Dots

Inspiration - wrap tree trunks in vinyl or fabric for Christmas. What a GREAT outdoor decorating idea!


Washi polka dots...

Modern Circles Dots and Spots Quilt by TrueloveQuiltsForYou, $180.00

Polka dot nails

How to paint your washing machine with polka dots!

Polka Dot Mary Jane

Red and White Polka Dot Baby Quilt


polka dot piggy

polka dots

rainbow paper polka dots.

Solid colored dots on squares quilt

Love this polka-dot quilt...

Inch by Inch Quilting: Polka Dot Quilt

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