Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: N E U T R A L S

In the midst of making an all neutrals baby quilt for a friend, I thought I'd share some of my inspiration ideas.  

City Farmhouse Blog- Great neutral color pallet   So beautiful, with pictures of each room

freeform neutral quilt using leftover blocks from previous quilts... I love this!

Earthy Neutral Color Scheme for a kitchen - what paints go good with different types of woods and stains.

neutral quilts | Quilt Neutral Colors by SWDesignsBaby on Etsy | My Style

wedding colors blush | Blush + Neutral Color Scheme - Wedding | Wedding Ideas

Yes, please.  And the porch and porch swing, too!

Probably wouldn't think of keeping your paint swatches somewhere for when it comes time to do a touch up!

Beautiful neutral quilt with ecru crochet edging. I love the neutrals, but I would love to see more intricate quilting on it.

Monogrammed Chevron throw pillow in neutral colors...yes, please!

Neutral Colors

neutral quilts | Lap Size String Quilt in soft Neutral Colors (Grays White Black ...

Designer Sabrina Soto's favorite paint colors.

Fa├žade from Fall Easy Quilts 2013 is a throw size quilt pattern featuring neutral strips of fabric. Quilt by LOQ Staff.

Neutrals colors ideas...

neutral quilts | Interesting almost neutral quilt | Quilts

Neutral quilt bed

neutral quilt

5" squares with snippets at opposite corners, sewn into 4 patch squares - Cut.Sew.Iron.Repeat: Neutrals quilt

Improv in Neutrals quilt


Baby Blanket Neutral Patchwork Baby Blanket / Quilt - Cotton and Organic Cotton Mix Fabrics-Chevron, Elephant, Giraffe. $98.00, via Etsy.

And to close it all out, the Alex Anderson quilt that started my infatuation with making a neutral quilt.  Doesn't it look difficult? It's not so impossible if you see the 16-patch and the alternating pinwheel patches.  Of course, Alex tossed in a few 9-patches with a large center just to mix it up a bit.  

Neutral Quilt 1  we give credit to Alex Anderson

She may have all three switching out in a definite pattern, but I can't tell for certain.  Regardless, it's a beautiful quilt, and I wonder how long it took to gather enough browns, grays and beiges to make it.

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