Saturday, May 31, 2014

Back to AMB!

I'm feeling a little guilty that I haven't reminded you to keep up with the AMB blog tour.  So this post is about who and where.

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Yesterday: (it's not too late to go by and say hello or to enter the giveaways) No Hats in the House (Indiana) and Life as a Quilter (Mississippi)    

Monday: A Sentimental Quilter (Illinois) and Jump Cut Arts (Connecticut)  We'll already be at the half-way mark on Monday or Tuesday.  Isn't it going really quickly with two states per day?

Do visit these great blogs: say hello and enter to win some beautiful fabrics that are just wonderful to work with.  And the best part, the cotton is grown, milled, and dyed in the U.S.  I know, we love fabrics from other places, sure, but this gives our folks work and keeps our economy working.  Besides, there's that whole national pride thing going for it, too.  

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