Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pin It Weekly #67

Happy Wednesday!  I've been working on my repeating Dresden quilt and  I'm almost there!  Well, I almost have enough plates, anyway.  That's a far cry from being almost there with the complete quilt, but no matter!  I'm having fun making the plates and I'm really looking forward to working on the quilt itself.

Reminder that tomorrow is the day my American Made Brand license plate debuts!  I'm really happy and almost relieved.  I've been a little nervous, but this afternoon I took time to write the post and get it out of the way.  I've had so many internet issues because of the weather (I assume) that I didn't want to take the chance there would be no connection.  That done, I'm feeling much less concerned.  I need only a few moments of internet to publish the post.  Relief! 

And now, Pin It time!  I'm having a fun time looking over some flea market ideas.  No ideas why, except that I like flea markets. 

je spullen opbergen in mooie manden in dezelfde kleurtint geeft een rustig effect #leenbakker

Beadwork necklace Seed beaded jewelry beaded art by Ibolya on Etsy

Have you ever seen such a beautiful selection of antique pack baskets?  These are actually still made but the antique ones are much fun to collect.

Antique china

French Gate

Antique Country French Kitchen Cabinet..

Antique French Door


Flea Market Style

flea market finds - creative way for storage space.  i have a lot of vintage suitcases in my home - great for storing photos, kid's schoolwork.

Flea Market Finds

great display. :)

Love old baskets

Printers case stuffed with lace

Love the colors! So cute!

flea market finds


flea market finds

flea market

*Flea market finds~

flea market . . .

Hope you enjoyed the flea market and didn't spend too much money or take home too much stuff!  Come back tomorrow to see my Louisiana license plate.  And remember to visit Olive and Ollie, too.

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