Monday, May 19, 2014

Modern Monday

My Louisiana Traveling Quilt block is finished and ready to mail.  I'm excited to see what comes to me in a few days.  I'm thinking I need to wait till it arrives to begin the next block so that what I make fits into whatever theme is already there.

Isn't it interesting how different the same block looks just by turning it a quarter of a turn?

I like the block so much I've been thinking of making a quilt with these colors but, after a quick inventory of my fabrics, I'll have to pass.  I don't have enough for a nice-sized quilt.   What a shame, I really do like this combination of colors. 

What do you think about the palette?   Is it "modern" enough?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Finally, a reminder to visit the American Made Brand blog tour! You can find a list of the blogs and the dates they will debut their license plates here.  Clothworks, the company that makes the American Made Brand fabrics, also has an interesting blog titled The Works.  I highly recommend it.

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