Tuesday, May 27, 2014

AMB Blog Tour Day 7 and a new quilt

Vermont's Quilter in Motion and Rhode Island's Seaside Stitches are up for today's AMB blog tour.  Unfortunately, it's taken me about four hours to get through this one post, so by the time you read it, we'll be getting close to Wednesday.  That means that Simply Sandy [Kentucky] and Confessions of a Fabric Addict [Tennessee] will be debuting their license plates soon.  Thursday yours truly will finally debut her Louisiana license plate.  Yay! More on that later.

In other news, I began a new quilt today.  I've had this fabric for a while and have been holding it to make repeating Dresden plates.  Repeating Dresdens are fussy cut so that all 16 of the pieces have the exact same motif, which is repeated all the way around the plate.  Of course, this creates a new design that can quite striking and every one is very different from all the others.  

Since I just got started today, I don't have many plates to show.  I need about 15 or so plates for the project that is in my head.  But before I can get to the project proper, I'll have to make a few more plates.  I am having fun do that, however.  I like sewing together the pieces, then opening them up to press.  The design is really stunning and so different each time.  

Can you guess what I'm planning to do with these?  Think modern fun.

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