Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: barn quilts

Take a quick look at some of the barn quilts I found on Pinterest last week.  I have a little over 200 pictures on the "quilted, barn" board.  These are some of my favorites.  

Barn Quilts

Ohio Quilt Barn Backdrop

Barn quilts are large-scale quilt squares painted on plywood or directly onto the outside of barns to celebrate the tradition of quilting, the enduring majesty of rural barn structures and all the communities whose shared appreciation has turned this local art form into a national phenomenon.

Barn Quilt

Shutter, Bourbonnais, Illinois

Caledonia MN barn quilt

I've got to figure out the pattern on this old drying barn.  It's just a bit too small to be able to see the details, but I love the look.


Quilt Barn.  Mariner's Compass Quilt Pattern: the first quilt block to be painted near the Ohio River. This block represents the River Heritage of our county. -

Colorado quilt barn

Look closely at this next one. Generally, the pieces of the block are painted in solid colors.  On this one the "fabrics" are painted to look like calicoes with little swirls and flowers on them.  Now that's dedicated to the vintage look.

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Eastern Tennessee

Star, Casco, WI

Spools by Ontario Barn Quilts

Barn Quilt. Kittitas County, WA

Quilted Barns

Quilt Barn

Quilt Barn in Kingsport, TN

And I'll say goodbye with this Dresden plate block.  It's on a barn that I could easily live in....check out the windows and that beautiful siding.
Dresden Plate Barn Quilt

Oops, someone was careless on the tractor!  I'd be the one to bump the corner of the barn.  In fact, when I was young, I was plowing on my dad's old one-row IH, going as fast as it would run (which was not very) and busy with the song in my head, when I got to the end of the row.  Thank goodness the post that happened to be in my direct line was strong enough to stop me.  I can imagine how well tearing down the entire fence would have gone.  Although I never said anything to daddy, I'm sure he knew why the post was loose.

Have a great week and pay attention while driving,


Mary Marcotte said...
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Mary Marcotte said...
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RenaissanceSandi said...

Wow, I love these barns! I wish more people in Nebraska would get on board with the idea. Alas, I have no barn to paint:( Hi, I am RenaissanceSandi...and I am one of your fellow bloggers for the American Made Brand Solids Blog Tour. Please stop by and follow my blog, if you like.

Nahdsh said...

What is the purpose of putting quilt square on the barn?

Mary Marcotte said...

Nahdsh, it's decorative. In some areas there are now so many barn quilts that local tourism committee have created quilt trails and maps to draw in more tourists. I got the idea for my barn quilts after going on a tour. I've also pinned many pictures of barn quilts.