Friday, May 16, 2014

Barefoot Voices

Although I've been writing poetry, I haven't shared anything in a while.  I don't know why that is.  I guess mostly other things have been higher on the list.  I have several poems that I've not published, so I'll share two of my favorites.

Barefoot in fields

 Barefoot in fields
we planted beans in crooked rows
dropped pieces of potato in deep furrows.

Barefoot in fields
we picked okra and
pulled corn, tied bunches of onion.

Barefoot in fields
we laughed at the thrill of a tire swing
cuddled kittens in a hayloft
raced bicycles over green clover.

Barefoot in fields
we sang songs to a truck radio
ate tomatoes juicy red against green leaves
raced to the end of a row.

Summer freedom is city luxury;
farm girls are early risers
sweat, sinewy muscle, dirty nails.


loud whisperings
voices from another room
shadows filtering light
except when they talk about me.

toasting glasses
kiss the edges of the inner circle
floating color
party dresses form a rainbow
when they look my way.

laughing stories
tell tales of might have been
lies fill another room with excuses
silent invitations not for me.

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