Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Almost Ready! just two weeks my AMB license plate block will debut right here.  I have a few things left to do before the debut, but we're almost ready.

Other bloggers who are making license plates for American Made Brand have been tossing ideas around via email.  One of those ideas has been to add to the beautiful fabrics that AMB is giving away.  You see, as the license plates are introduced on their respective blogs, the maker will also host a giveaway of these beautiful fat quarters.  But!  

We've been chatting about the possibility of adding to the giveaway.  Someone (not me) had the idea of making our part of the giveaway unique to our states.  That's a great idea, I thought.

To make it even more fun, I posted a request on my Facebook page asking family and friends to suggest ideas.  I got lots of food suggestions: coffee, syrup, mixes, seasonings, etc.  (We eat a lot in Louisiana.)  

My sisters suggested a fleur de lis tote--ah, that I like!

Here's the deal, though, I started a tote and ended up with a wall hanging.  I don't know how.  I just did.  So, my giveaway will include this fleur de lis wall hanging. Which, I must say, is pretty cool.  I'm not sure that the colors are perfect in the photo: the blue fleurs des lis are very dark, almost a light navy and the background is white.

I quilted the wall hanging heavily around the fleurs des lis using a modern, echo quilting with pearls in some of the lines to separate them.  This quilting takes more time but adds some movement to the design and gives the viewer something to look at very closely.  It also helps wall hangings to hang straight.

web_photo_for-zoey (2)

Make plans to follow the AMB blog tour, which begins on May 19, and be sure to come back often: I plan to announce other items that will go in the giveaway.  First, however, I'll need to do some shopping.  

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