Monday, May 12, 2014

My Mom

I really miss my mother.  She passed away two years ago and on days like yesterday, I find it especially difficult to think about her. She was a beautiful, kind woman and though she suffered from Alzheimer's Disease, she rarely complained.  I am especially grateful that God did not allow her to suffer pain from the cancer that finally ended her life.  

My sister and I bought flowers for mom and dad's grave, and I went to the cemetery on Saturday to put them out.  This time we chose bright oranges and yellows.    

I like to think that momma would be proud of my life, my quilting and my family.  Richard and I have tried to live a simple, God-centered life on our little farm.  

Because we were able to share our love of quilting, I like to think that mom is still part of that.  I use some of her fabrics on occasion and remember the quilts she made.  If she can hear my thoughts and watch me from above, she knows how much she influenced me and keeps up with my progress.  I pray that is true.

I'd love to tell her about some of the work I'm doing now....the American Made Brand license plate, my interest in modern quilts, and my barn themed art quilts.  One day maybe I will, but not too soon, I hope, because there are still lots of quilts to be made .

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