Thursday, May 22, 2014

School's Out for Summer!

Are you ancient enough to remember that rock song from the 70's? I really don't remember much of it except this one screaming line, but I do feel like screaming it for a few seconds. 

I had a good year...not as successful as I would have liked; still, my students succeeded in helping our school scores and the vast majority have passed to the next level.  

Of course, I'd prefer that they all be successful in the sense that they appreciate learning and score in the top percentile, but that is certainly not always the case.  Although I can be quite patient, I have reached my limits and I do desperately need a break from the kiddos and from the stress.  I don't think people realize the stress that we teachers have.  Of course, it's not the most stressful career choice, but it is certainly not the easiest job, either.

However, on the up-side, we do get some fairly nice breaks!  I'm looking forward to kicking back a bit, doing some serious sewing, and playing with the grandchildren.

Before I leave you, here's a reminder to visit the AMB Blog Tour.  Today's states are Maryland (Spring Water Designs) and South Carolina (Crafty Quilter's Closet).  Both of them have such pretty license plates that you'll want to see them, plus they both have very nice giveaways.  

It's finally occurred to me that you may be reading this post at some strange (to me) time of day or night.  (I always write after supper or just before bedtime, so surely that's when you read it, right?)  That means, I should tell you what is on for the AMB Blog Tour for tomorrow: New Hampshire (Park Hill Farm) and Virginia (Pat Sloan's Blog).  Visit them on Friday to see what cute license plate ideas they've got and sign up for their giveaways, too.

Happy Quilting,

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