Friday, July 10, 2015

A Customer Quilt Begins

I've begun working on a memory quilt for a new customer.  Her son graduated in May, and she has collected tee shirts and jerseys from his sports and high school years.   I am honored that a mutual friend recommended my shop.

Yesterday, I opened the container of shirts and started cutting away.  Today I finished the cutting and began ironing on the stabilizer.  Some of the jerseys are the type that have holes in them, so they definitely needed a good stabilizer.  A couple of the shirts are very worn, so they got a heavy stabilizer, also.  The rest are also stabilized but with a lighter weight stabilizer.  I'm hoping that they will all be approximately the same weight.

Since she decided on black sashing, I started with that today, which helped the stabilizer tremendously.  Pressing and pressing just wasn't doing it.  Maybe the glue is old.  Regardless, it was hot work to have to press every block several times.  
I am now at a stopping point.  I have three rows of blocks complete and another to go, but I have to wait for one last shirt.  This means I can work on a project of my own tomorrow.  Yay for me!  

What are you working on?


Kaja said...

Congratulations on your commission. I like the t-shirts you have been given to work with - should look great.

Carie said...

Oh what a fantastic commission! I've got a pile of shirts that I can't bear to throw away that will turn into a t-shirt quilt one of these days!

Karen S said...

This is always a great way to use those shirts. Looks like you have jumped right into it.