Monday, July 27, 2015

Bags and packages and buckets...

Apparently I'm not good at saying "Thank You."  On Saturday when two friends from my current bee group came for a play date, Erika gave Kelly and me each a little bag that she'd made.  Check it out--a pretty little bag! 

Open it up to discover, Yay!, a mini-charm pack and thread wax. How sweet is this?!  Yes, I do like it all.

Check out her very well-made gathers.  And the fabric!  Could a seamstress like it more? 

That was Saturday, then today I received this in the mail.  Of course, it didn't look like this: I played with the picture to remove some information.

I like packages.  Especially when I'm surprised by them.  I'd assumed that the Michael Miller Co. had run out before they got to me.  I guess they didn't. 

So I opened the package and found--ta da!

Michael Miller's Glitz 

After a little photo session with all the fun things, I decided to get some work accomplished.  I cleaned.  First, the refrigerator.  Oh no, I do not have photos of that!  You would not want to see the science experiments that were going on.  I will say, though, that when the in-laws came by, my mother-in-law complimented the clean fridge, but that's all you're getting.

After all the pats on the back I figured I was on a roll and should go into the studio, where the scrap pile was almost as high as the laundry.  I tackled the scrap pile.  Piles of yellow, tan, and green, meant a fairly well-kept studio.

I even put them away, something I never do with laundry! Wait for it, yes!  I did return the buckets to their rightful places in the cabinet.  Another pat on the back!

What have you done lately that deserves a pat on the back?

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