Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Guild Quilt Retreat - day 2

Me (in blue) teaching circles using a Drunkard's Path pattern I created.
Yesterday, I told you about our guild retreat.  What fun that was! We planned for two days, so today I went back.  Actually, I'd have gone back anyway, but it surely was easier to return having had fun on day one!

Much of the day we spent working on our own individual projects, like Pam.  She hand-stitched binding on a darling little dress.

And we taught each other new skills.  Sandy (standing) is normally very quiet, but when someone asked her about her cross-stitch, she just lit up. She is extremely talented!  I wish I'd asked her for some photos of her work, but I was so enthralled with the detail and beauty that I didn't even think about it.  She showed everyone a very neat (as in clean) technique for creating an "un-knot" (my term) for anchoring thread to your work.  

Some of us crocheted, some sewed, some did a bit of everything or nothing.  And we visited and ate and laughed all the day long.  

Special thanks to Mrs. Mary C. for cooking shrimp fettuccine for the group. Pam brought fruit and vegetable trays.  I had crackers and drinks. Marilyn brought cake and ice cream.  We were well set up!

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