Monday, July 6, 2015

Modern Monday: Cross Quilt ~~ complete

That's right~~complete!  
I started this quilt just before we left for vacation when I cut out a couple of kits just in case I'd have some down time in the camper.  I had a chance to do a little sewing but not much.  I managed to sew blocks for two quilts: the modern cross quilt and the rose fabric quilt.

As soon as we returned home, I put the cross quilt blocks on the design wall and wrote about my progress here last week.  Although getting back to it later in the week was a bit of a trial, I finished it in time to share at today's guild meeting.  

I really like this bright, cheerful quilt.  Quilting it was great fun.  

I chose to use embroidery thread to match the colors of the quilt because it has a shimmery look that I really like.  

I also decided that each color would get its own quilting motif, meaning that the green crosses are all quilted in pebbles, the blue in scrolls, orange in rounded squares, and so on.  

Since there are seven colors, I was taxed to come up with enough circular motifs, but I didn't want to use any straight line quilting on the colors because I used straight line quilting patterns for the background.  I wanted lots of contrast between the two.

The back is pretty, also, because I matched the bobbin thread to the block and embroidery thread color.  In some areas, the stitching on the back has a lacy look to it.  Can you tell I'm a little proud of this one?

Now to get the label on and hang it in the studio.  It should brighten the place, don't you think?

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Karen S said...

This is a wonderful finish. I love the idea of the different quilting patterns for each colour. And continuing the colour through to the back is very effective.
I agree - you should be very proud of this beautiful quilt.

Adele said...

Hello from south Louisiana! Love your quilt and the quilting you did on it! I plan on using your pattern as inspiration for something similiar. What are your final dimensions if you don't mind me asking?

Gina said...

Love the quilt so bright and cheerful

Micki @ 2 Dogs Studio said...

fun....I like that you have different sizes of 'plus' blocks.

Mary Marcotte said...

Thanks everyone! This has become one of my favorite quilts. Gina, apparently I really like bright colors. It's also a memory quilt of sorts because I sewed up the blocks while on vacation.

Karen, while the different color threads are especially pretty, it's time consuming. I was pleasantly surprised with the back.

Adele, hello back from central La! The quilt is about 54 X 60. Let me know when you've finished your quilt. I'd love to see how my quilt inspired you!

Micki, if you ever try something like this, remember that you need to be able to fit the blocks together. All of my blocks are sized in multiples of 3 (3", 6", 9" and 12"). Lots of quilt math! But it meant that small blocks fit inside of larger blocks...kinda cool.

Unknown said...

What a great quilt! It is good that you provided us all with the quilt math!

mammafairy said...

love the vibrancy of this! and the contrast on the reverse for your quilting makes a really lovely feature!

M-R Charbonneau said...

Way to go, Mary! I love your quilting and the different sizes of crosses -- very cool! So glad you linked up to TGIFF!

Carie said...

Oh it's gorgeous, so wonderfully bright and happy and I love that you used different quilting patterns for the crosses, it really makes them pop!

Izzy said...

I love this! Such happy bright colours! And your quilting is beautiful... I love the effect on the back of all those colour changes. Great, great finish! Visiting from TGIFF. :-)