Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pin It Weekly #112

Although we haven't been home for a couple of days or three, I've been pinning just a little while waiting (bored) for someone or other.  Having four people on a road trip means waiting for someone, especially when two of those someones are teenagers.  It wasn't horrible or anything, but waiting is never fun, and a little pinning is one way to ease the pain.

Hanging phone charging station sewing pattern and tutorial. This is such a great idea to keep cords contained!
The winner hands down!!!
With teens in the car, I thought I'd pin a few ideas for Christmas gifts.  By showing the pictures to the kids, I could gauge whether or not they like the project.  The ones here are some of those my two teen grands really like, either for themselves or for someone else in the family.

Mother's Day: Spa Wrap

Sock Monkey! A real tutorial on how to make a sock monkey!

Pattern for a car organizer--Clever! I really need to make one of these.

Surely could have used this when we were traveling a few weeks ago to keep everyone's chargers organized


Simple Kids Drawstring Backpack - The Ribbon Retreat Blog - use this method for attaching straps and creating box corners on the bottom

Free Messenger Bag Sewing Pattern

recycled plastic butter container used to form the top of this garbage bin for the car, sewing room, etc.

42 Craft Project Ideas That are Easy to Make and Sell | Big DIY IDeas

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