Friday, July 10, 2015

Pin It Weekly #111

Before I get too far along and forget this quilt, I have to share!
ChoonSan(Spring Mountain) yo-yo's
Do you see yo-yo's?  Yes.  Yo-yo after yo-you.  To make a face no less.  Impressed?  You bet I am! The artist, Shin-hee Chinhas many other works on her website.  I recommend you visit.

Rachel Trevor Morgan, S/S 2015.  A "Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau" favorite! Book by Andrea Beaty.
So, on to Pinterest and what I've been pinning lately.  Well, in addition to quilts, of course.  Hats.  I needed a hat not long ago to hold off the sun.  Generally I just stay indoors, but sometimes it's necessary to face the sun.  I like a hat that can hold a ponytail.

Liza Stedman Millinery

Now don't be fooled.  I would not wear these hats.  I could but I'd get laughed out of town.  No, these are just because they are fun, pretty, unique, or eclectic.  I like eclectic.  I like that something is there only because it is.  I hope to be eclectic when I'm a little old lady.  I'll wear a hat.  I really hope to be a little old lady....little being the operative word.  

A "Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau" favorite! Book by Andrea Beaty.

Lock Co Hatters, Couture Millinery A/W 2013.  A "Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau" favorite! Book by Andrea Beaty.

A "Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau" favorite! Book by Andrea Beaty.

Wonderful red feather hat . . . suppose she is wearing Ruby Slippers with that outfit?


Rosie Olivia Millinery SS 2015 | Leon

Kate Middleton Diamond Jubilee Red McQueen Dress & hat

And a few of my favorite....the cloche
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

The Twist Cloche Hat by MaggieMowbrayHats on Etsy | I really want thisss someone give me 140 dollars.

The Tennis Pleat Cloche Hat  Ivory by MaggieMowbrayHats on Etsy, £120.00 Very smart, I like a lot.

Red Hat with cute flowers

Brown Stripe Cloche Hat #millinery #judithm #hats

And a few of what I do wear (especially in summer)....straw hats
2015 Spring and Summer Hat & Headwear Trends

 I just love hats!!! They frame the face and add interest!!! Great for adults and kids!!!

2013 Classical Simple Design Wide Brim Summer Straw Hat For Women Floppy Sun Cap Free Shipping 80488 $5.55

ADVANCED STYLE: Mrs. Heidi Roberts

hats for cancer patients and chemotherapy hair loss

Pick your hat, ladies

Find these hats and more on my "haberdashery, hats" board.  Then check out what others are pinning and add your favorites.

Below are a few of my favorite boards from this week.  Share a couple of your favorites.  Just scroll down to the inlinz connection below and add the url to your favorite board or one of your pins.  We'd love to see what you're into.

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Kaja said...

I really like this idea, Mary - it's fun to see what others are up to. I like hats in theory but in practice they don't work on me. Ah well.