Sunday, July 12, 2015

Quilt Show! Krotz Springs Quilt Guild

Pam, one of my guild friends, and I attended the Krotz Springs Guild Show today yesterday.  We arrived right after the show opened and stayed until well after lunch time.  There were so many quilts to see, items to buy, door prizes, a raffle quilt and a trunk show.  In other words, we were busy! 

The space is a bit tight and many people attend the show, so each quilt is folded in half before hanging.  It's the one complaint I have about the show because attendees can't see the whole quilt. Sampler quilts are especially cheated since each block is different, but I guess it's their only solution for now.  The photos are rather odd as a result, but in my case, that's not the biggest issue anyway.

So we attended the show on Saturday and it's now Sunday. Between the visiting grandchildren, a small attempt to clean the studio, and the slowness of uploading photos to Blogger, I am just now, finally, getting this post finished.  I have no idea why it takes this much time, but I am not the kind of girl who can (or will) sit around and wait.  

Turns out that if I don't sit and wait, the computer goes to sleep automatically. Nothing happens during that time.  I have words but refuse to write them--just imagine something you should not say. lol Don't say it.  Maybe don't even imagine it. It's not worth it.

Pam and I got rather gaga over this hurricane quilt.  I want to try my hand at drafting my own version of the quilt, but it looks pretty difficult.  In the meantime, Pam is going to search for the pattern and templates.  I'm staying out of quilt shops until the studio is clean.  

And so, I'll close this post now.  I have more of my usual bad pictures to show you and will try to upload them later this week.  I hope you've enjoyed the few I did manage.  

Don't forget about Sunday Quilt Inspiration.  I'll post it tonight. 


Carie said...

Oh I'm going gaga over the hurricane quilt too - isn't it beautiful, though I've no idea how to sew all those curves - fingers crossed for all of us there's a template somewhere!

jenclair said...

I've never seen anything like the hurricane quilt. Wonderful!