Monday, July 20, 2015

Guild Quilt Retreat - day 1

What fun!  Several ladies from my quilt guild met today at the museum for our quilt retreat.  I did most of the planning and set up the retreat so that each person could choose from three or four different classes.  Guild members chose which classes they would teach.  

Mrs. Mary Coco is our resident expert on everything quilting.
She's been quilting for many years, so we were able to "pick
her brain" with questions about some of our projects.

She brought along lots of samples, and we
talked about the different aspects of each.

Thanks to the encouragement of those who are new to quilting, the classes were easily filled with experienced teachers.  The plan was to offer mostly basic classes in applique, curves, piecing, binding, and so on.  However, we have some wonderful crochet and knitting experts who offered to teach those needle crafts. 

For me one of the best things about spending the day at the retreat was getting to know other guild members better.  I discovered all sorts of things about them and had an opportunity to see their work up close.  I was very surprised to discover that I can crochet!  And it was much better than I'd have imagined.  

There were other classes, but I didn't have an opportunity to take pictures during all of them.  I missed English paper piecing and crocheting because I was too engaged to stop for a picture.  
We were learning, chatting, laughing and sewing from eight this morning until three this afternoon.  Lunch was a quick walk to a local restaurant and then back for more fun.  I am excited for tomorrow!

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