Friday, July 3, 2015

On Bumble Berry Pie and Aging Parents

This week has been difficult.  Richard's 96 year old aunt died last weekend, and only two days later a family friend also passed away. Of course, we attended the funerals and even picked up his dad since Papa can't drive since his brain injury. 

Richard's mom, who usually drives him around, is suffering from a horrible case of shingles.  She also has Parkinson's disease and can barely hold or handle anything.

Today I went by to check on her again only to discover that the shingles have gotten worse--more blisters and more pain.  I insisted on taking her back to the clinic and, hopefully, another course of medicine will do the trick.

On the way home we treated his parents to lunch and pie at Lea's Lunchroom in Lecompte.  It's quite famous for the ham and even more so for the pies.  Rich and I shared the "Bumble Berry" pie and a slice of Pecan Pie.  Bumble Berry combines strawberry, blueberry and blackberry for a real treat!

Eventually we made it home and I was able to get into the studio. Although I didn't finish the cross quilt on the long arm, I made a little headway.  

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful Independence Day!  


Karen S said...

Love the idea of Bumbleberry pie with all those berries. Sounds delicious!
Great to see the progress with your quilting.
Yes, older parents can keep you quite busy. I have just been checking which appointments I need to go to with my mum this week.

Kaja said...

I have found it a strange transition from being the child to being the one doing the looking after. Comes to us all though, in time. Pies sound delicious and a great way to cheer everyone up.