Monday, August 3, 2015

Family, Food, Fans, and Fun

Here in Louisiana we love family. We love food.  And we love fans!  Yes, fans.  The kind that blow air, make breezes, cool off a girl.  

When all three meet in the same place, it means there's going to be noise and messes and fun.  Not necessarily in that order and most likely all at the same time!

Last Wednesday my family reserved four (yes, 4) camping spots at the local state park and lake.  It's only 40 minutes away from my home but it's a getaway, anyway. 

Napping in the camper
Then we packed up lots of food, kids and grandkids, and fans.  I'm fairly sure we had a dozen fans.  When temperatures reach 100 degrees, and there are more people than seats in the air conditioned spaces, you resort to anything that makes a little breeze.


Or you jump in the water.  

The breezes on the boat are especially nice!

If you're wondering how to feed such a large crew, we have a great system.  First of all, every family pitches in by bringing food. Secondly, each group takes a turn cooking and cleaning.  

For this weekend we chose to divide up by camper.  That means all of the people in one camper agree to the costs and chores associated with one meal.  

Rich and I took Thursday night, thinking that since we would arrive early, we could cook while others came in and set up their spaces. We opted for an easy menu of simple food that everyone would enjoy.  What's easier than hamburgers and hot dogs?  

And no matter what, you keep a full glass of ice tea always at the ready!  

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