Monday, August 31, 2015

Love to the Rescue

I've been helping a friend, Leta, with her tee shirt business.  She personalizes tee-shirts by adding letters for initials or Greek organizations.  Recently she sold a large order of 40+ tees with plenty of time to complete the order.  

Then the sorority doubled the order.  With only a little over a week to go.  Getting the shirts finished in time is doable, but it would require an insane schedule of sewing. Me to the rescue.  

Leta and I have been friends for a long, long time.  I've offered to help out before, and really meant it when I said I'd pitch in when possible. So when she asked me to help with the extra shirts, I readily agreed.

Then I tried to sew.  Oh my. No!  My wonderful, fabulous machine did not want to cooperate.  And on a time crunch!  What?

The knit wanted to roll up under the letters, which are glued down with Wonder-Under, so there was that mess.  And I couldn't seem to set the stitches just right to match the shirts she'd already made. It was getting pretty bad.

But then it got worse.  Richard stopped in to see how things were going.  Thirty  minutes into the venture, I was still struggling.  He's a perfectionist.  A real perfectionist.  He'd compare the stitches and suggest a fix.  

When I got the stitches right, he started touching them!  He was feeling for the depth of the stitches and insisted that my stitches were too thick.  Who does that?  This man.

So I got up and let him fix it.  After all, he had the fix in his head.  

He did.  He really does.  I can't believe that he CAN have the fix in his head.  It took a while, but he fixed the bulky stitch.  Now I get flat stitches with the exact width and length.  They match perfectly with the finished shirt that Leta gave me as a guide.

Now that Rich has rescued me, I can rescue Leta.

Sweet, annoying perfectionist husband.  He calls himself a problem solver.  Well, if you insist.

Gotta love him.

Don't know that I want to encourage him.

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