Monday, August 17, 2015

Modern Monday for a Sister

When my sister sent me a text a week or so ago asking whether I could make a credit card holder with a loop for keys, I had only one question: do you want the same fabric.  I didn't have that particular fabric but since it was a bright modern print, I was able to offer something.  

She didn't request any particular colors, so I just chose something I liked and got busy with it on Sunday evening.  

It didn't take long to make, but I did need to work on it a bit. The measuring, coordinating fabrics, figuring out how to put it all together were easy enough and fun to do.  

So now it's Monday and I've contacted her by sending a picture to see whether she's happy with the outcome.  Her answer, "I love it!" So tomorrow it will be in the mail, and that's another small project marked off the list.  

Plus a pattern for a quick little wallet. I'll try to write a tutorial this week and post it.  I'll have to make another.  Don't you love when a project works out well and you didn't take pictures along the way?

 Sometimes I think it's because I'm afraid things won't work out and there will be proof.  Other times I think it's because I'm just goofy. Okay, really, it's both.  Have a great week!

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