Monday, August 10, 2015

Grammy to the rescue. Poppa is the culprit.

Grammy rescued the grand whose uniforms were much too long.  It took less than an hour to shorten Marley's six uniforms.  

We measured them last week, but the weekend was too busy. 

When I remembered the chore, I decided to get them all finished in one sitting.  

I sewed a nice blind hem on the checked uniform, but the knits would not cooperate, even with a needle specifically for knits.  

That meant hemming them any way possible, which happened to be a simple straight stitch.  That knit didn't like any stitch.  It surely did argue and roll around throwing a fit about the stitch.  So I pressed it well to "encourage" it to lie flat.  The little uniforms look pretty good now.

Richard is the puppy culprit.  He bathed all three puppies this afternoon.  And decided one needed a hair cut.  And one needed a trim.  The hair cut results are pretty horrible.  The trim is much worse.  Ah well, it's just hair...

Poor Little is so embarrassed, but at least she allowed a few pictures.

Candy would not consider any such ideas.  She would only bury herself in his lap and close her eyes.  No pictures for this girl!

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