Thursday, August 27, 2015

HST's Aboard

The HST baby quilt that I played with last weekend is loaded on the long-arm.  Getting to play with it on the machine, however, has not been easy.  Remember that I wrote on Saturday how I was undecided about the design?  Well, I thought I'd share the layout that I finally settled on.  

I know, I know, I chose the layout that I was considering from the beginning.  In the end, I couldn't decide, so I went with what got me started.  It was the easy way, I'm sorry.

To make up for it, I thought I'd share how I keep my rows in order.  I write numbers on small sticky dots and put them on the end of the rows beginning at the top (in this case).  

Another thing I did was to put all the dots on the left side and on the white triangle.  Doing so helped me to keep the rows in the correct order, but it also helped me keep from turning them around.  

I find that having a touch of dyslexia increases my chances of turning blocks and strips in the wrong direction.  I don't care for ripping out seams, so I've had to figure out how to prevent sewing dyslexia.

The fabrics that I used for this quilt is from the Antoinette collection by Connecting Threads.  The main fabric is beautiful, so I wanted a big chunk of it showing.  A border handled that perfectly.

Won't this make a pretty little quilt?

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